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BlueEye is a leading AI data platform, providing high-quality training data for AI models/applications, and accelerating AI development lifecycle.

Trusted by companies who are fueled by AI

Quoc Bao Do | AI R&D Director

“They have a great tool to manage the workflow as well as to facilitate the annotation job… I am very content with the service and the result that BlueEye Data provides.”

Tom Kriwox | Director of Product Management aiWARE

"The biggest benefit for us partnering with BlueEye is how much they have been able to help our teams accelerate the development process. Their solutions seamlessly integrate to create a consistent customer experience and their expertise, in the space, is a huge attribute"

Nguyen Huu Tuan | Sales Manager

Cooperated with BlueEye to provide annotation solutions to the customers. The impression was of the very professional team and service. We are now feeling assured with the quality and deadline commitment.

Ewan Anderson | Project Manager

It was a real pleasure working with BlueEye. The tools are great and easy to use, and BlueEye team is always available to help us whenever we need, from tools customization to technical support. Their workforce consists of many experienced labelers, helping us to understand more about many labeling best practises that we were not aware of before.

AI Cycle
Nguyễn Xuân Đức | AI team lead

Working with BlueEye team is a joy as they always step up and help us in our development process. The tools quality is great, and BlueEye team is always there to listen to our concerns and work along with us during our integration. Greatly appreciate and highly recommended for any company looking for a trustful partner

Supported annotation types

Our platform provides both human-powered and AI-assisted tools for hundreds of use cases.


Quality is always our top priority. Both human-powered and AI-assisted tools ensure to deliver the most accurately labeled data for establishing reliable models


Purpose-built platform to effectively handle smart tooling at large scale for supporting highly complex AI-based project.


Comply with all data protection regulations and ensure highest security.

About BlueEye

BlueEye’s mission is to shorten the development life cycle of AI applications by providing high-quality training data via smart tools, real-time and innovative collaboration, configurable workflows and domain expert annotators.

Why BlueEye?

Fast to market for AI applications with smart tools and innovative collaborations.

Help build better and faster ML models via data pipeline integration.

Output high-quality training data ensured by well trained annotators and best practices configurable workflows.

Highly customizable with open architecture to meet client’s needs.

Who Benefits?

Labeller and labelling services

Increase productivity via smart tools, collaboration workflows, and modern look-and-feel.

ML Engineer/Data Scientist

Build faster and better ML models; get insights and validate training data.

Project manager/CTO/CEO

Provide transparency and visibility of AI projects via dashboard and KPI/metrics; shorten time to market of AI projects.

Deployment models

We support three deployment approaches for your security and administration needs:
Cloud, Hybrid and On-Premise

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